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The Kingdom Here & Now - Introduction

When Christians preach, we preach about Jesus, but when Jesus began His ministry in Galilee, He preached about the Kingdom (of God). In this new series for the approaching season ...of Lent, Vicar David begins by looking at the story of kingship in the Old Testament before asking what it means for us to pray, "Thy Kingdom come - here and now".

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Active Discipleship in 2023 – Introduction

Lots of people make New Year resolutions about being more active – and many of these fail to last.
In this new series, Vicar David explores what it might mean for
us to be Active Disciples as we seek to follow Jesus in 2023.

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Accordion Content

Hear What the Spirit Says to The Churches – 7. Letter to Laodicea

In the last of this series, we read the letter to the church at Laodicea. Jesus had harsh words for these comfortable, “lukewarm” Christians, but also made to them, and to us, the most wonderful promise of all…

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No room?

Vicar David finds challenge for us in the traditional Nativity figure of “The Innkeeper.” Will you make room this Christmas?
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Love Your Church – 1. Legacy

Join Rev David Bacon today as he starts a new teaching series for the autumn. What comes into your mind when you hear the word “church”? A beautiful building? An institution? A relic from the past? The Bible calls the church “The Bride of Christ” – He loves the church and we need to learn to love the church too…

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The Christian Toolbox – 1. Who is the Holy Spirit?

Last week we celebrated ‘Pentecost’, the birth of the Church where the Holy Spirit came, just as Jesus promised. In this new series we will explore how the Holy Spirit helps the Church in her mission to change the world.
In today’s message Rev. David Bacon starts at the very beginning; Who is the Holy Spirit?

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Counter Cultural Living – Walking with Christ in Colossians 3 (1)

Join us today as we begin a new mini-series on Colossians 3
We start with the need to change the way that we think in response to what Jesus has done
for us…

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Today’s Sunday Slot is the first of 4 looking at Colossians 3: 1-17

We read from Colossians 3:1-4, but we suggest you read the 17 verses each week.

Here are this week’s discussion starter questions. These can be used either in groups, pairs or as individuals.

1. “You have been raised with Christ” – what does this mean?

2. What are “things above”? What are “earthly things”? How can you tell the difference?

3. Read Proverbs 4:23. Does this help to explain why we must set our hearts and minds “on things above”?

4. Can you think of a time when your faith in Christ has changed the way that you thought and/or acted?

We hope you enjoy your conversations / contemplations this week.

More next Sunday

Love to all
David & Katie
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Through the Gospel of Mark 1

Join Vicar David as he begins his new teaching series on the Gospel of Mark. Today he invites us to open “the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and, as we read, to “repent and believe the Good News.”[+] Show More
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Traditional Carol Service

Rev David Bacon leads a short service of traditional carols and readings for Christmas

Advent Thoughts 1 – Why Advent?

Join Rev David Bacon as he begins a journey through Advent towards Christmas Day, sharing daily thoughts along the way
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Using the Bible

Join Rev David Bacon as he starts a new teaching series all about the Bible and how to use it well…

Spirit Filled Preaching

Rev David Bacon explores the power of preaching in the Early Church…

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